Ontology research philosophy

My purpose in writing is to explain in more depth the terms ontology and epistemology, and encourage you to reflect on your own philosophical position in research.

what is ontology

Philosophical perspectives Stemming from ontology what exists for people to know about and epistemology how knowledge is created and what is possible to know are philosophical perspectives, a system of generalized views of the world, which form beliefs that guide action.

Microsoft and Apple where the leaders have empowered their teams and the organic internal growth evolves the brand and therefore could cause it to be more enduring and of course this is my experience and may not be true!

It is useful to note here that phenomenology can be confusingly used both to define a philosophical approach and also as a methodology Denzin and Lincoln, How did you become aware of them and resolve them? Katie Moon biography How can understanding philosophy improve our research?

Objectivist research is useful in providing reliability consistency of results obtained and external validity applicability of the results to other contexts.

Bryman also suggests that the same is true of culture, which can be seen as a collection of shared values and customs into which people are socialized to conform.

Deborah Blackman biography Understanding philosophy is important because social science research can only be meaningfully interpreted when there is clarity about the decisions that were taken that affect the research outcomes.

Socially constructed, subjective, may change, multiple Ontology of research philosophies Identification of ontology at the start of the research process is critically important as it determines the choice of the research design. See example at the beginning of this page.

Ontology research philosophy

Something is going on which we refer to as the phenomenal flow Jankowicz, and what some of us choose to explore depends on our own ontological position. Do you think that researchers need to recognize different philosophies in interdisciplinary research teams? Truth only happens in the moment. How does your philosophical standpoint affect your research? The figure below illustrates the consequent impact of ontology on the choice of research methods via epistemology, research approach , research strategy and methods of data collection and data analysis. How can an understanding of what frames our research influence our choices? This should be followed by explanation of rationale for your choice. Share this:. He goes on to give the example that human beings construct the organisation and the culture instead of the organisation and culture being pre-given categories which affect behaviours.

This should be followed by explanation of rationale for your choice.

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What on earth are Ontology and Epistemology?