Marketing mix helps make sales essay

In the promotion stage, your message should be clear and geared towards your target audiences. This includes raising awareness through different mediums to increase sales, as well as to create and foster brand loyalty.

Free demonstrations or special deals may be used to reach these ends. Operations and Production Systems with Multiple Objectives As briefly mentioned before, different stages of the product life cycle require different types of promotional activities and strategies.

Promotion lets people know that your product solves a specific need. It leads to higher per capita income, more savings and hence more investments cyclic flow of money. These changes or new introductions may be targeting a newly defined customer requirement or a niche category in the market.

marketing mix strategy

At its lowest point, there was a strong perception of an outdated brand with obsolete manufacturing techniques. Each element is crucial in its own right and needs to be given due focus.

Purpose of marketing mix

Price-range 2. If you run a local retail business, you will likely use direct sales at your location. Pull strategies may attempt to focus primarily on long term brand loyalty then high sales in the short term. An appropriate marketing strategy assists a company to identify its target markets and to set measurable goals. But often it may also be needed in times of rebranding or building up a failing product. Differentiate product In situations where there are many competitors in the market, a company may seek to use promotional activities to differentiate its product in the market and make it stand out from the crowd. Credit terms 5.

Sending free samples to a blogger then depends on their discretion and opinion and is not usually swayed by payment. And a happy customer is a return customer.

marketing mix elements in brand building
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Essay on Marketing Mix: Meaning, Components and Observations