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Most of the other canidates here wanted to be king or even a God.

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Avoiding moral shortcuts, he consistently upheld such high ethical standards that he seemed larger than any other figure in a political sense. His soldiers knew that he respected and cared for them, and that he would share their severe hardships.

There is not a man living who wishes more sincerely than I do, to see a plan adopted for the abolition of it.

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Mark George Washington was not only a great general who fought the most powerful nation of his time and succeeded, but he developed guerrilla warfare and as the first president of the United States he set forth a strong tradition for other presidents to follow. So why would I invite you to cultivate surrender, a quality that is the opposite of ambition? What was needed, wrote Nicola, was a strong leader; not only a strong leader, but one with the title of king. In his letter, Nicola recited the grievances of the soldiers. I, No. This character trait gives Washington the edge in my book. But a series of disappointing experiences left him in contempt of his British military superiors and unhappy with the way remote rulers from England held sway over the economic destiny of their colonial subjects in America. Nicola argued that democracy would not work in the United States. He knew no foreign languages. His wisdom and intelligence led him to say no to this, since he knew that to do so would be counter to all the Americans had just fought for. Many grumbled about not receiving the back pay owed them by the Continental Congress. He usually spent a lot of time asking people for their advice before he made up his mind. Not long after coming to America, Lafayette was commissioned a Major General in the Continental Army and began a close relationship with George Washington.

One lone figure could be seen walking through the camp trying to re-ignite that fire in his dwindling troops who were huddled together for warmth. He did not crave power or influence, but rather shied away from it. Jefferson told him: "We cannot, Sir, do without you. Who were the worst?

But what made Washington great were his leadership skills — his drive for constant improvement, his commitment and consistency, his confidence, and his willingness to create a team of men that were smarter than he was. In many ways President George Washington must be put into a class by himself. American energies were needed for building, not warring.

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Paul In my opinion the Greatest Leader of all time would have to go to Jesus. Andrew George Washington is the father of the United States of America, which is the greatest country in the world. More from Inc. Without him the greatest nation on earth would not be as we know it. Gradually their vision expands to include the world around them, and each passing experience sharpens this vision until their ultimate purpose emerges in sharp relief. Howard I believe he is the greatest simply because he had no initial intention of becoming such a great leader, because those who fight for power usually end up abusing that power, this is my opinion. Thousands of his soldiers were killed, and thousands more were taken prisoner by the British. It is the fuel that propels them forward in life and leadership. Washington observed that "all things will come out right at last, but like a young heir, come a little prematurely to a large inheritance, we shall Most of the soldiers who had fought in the revolution had left the army long ago. The United States did not have a navy. Murray and Tim H. Zach I truly admire this man Rafal Whereas most leaders had a vast empire to lead, Washington had to make do with a makeshift army of farmers.

He put his faith and his beliefs into action.

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Three Timeless Leadership Qualities of George Washington