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However, Leslie tries to identify other factors such as the institutionalization of the vulnerability of women, and the perceived internalized and socially reinforced ideology of the inferiority of women that constitute the real problem and not dowry. It involves exchange of materials or money from the man's to the woman's household, but practices differ between communities.

Those that have been sexually abused are a higher risk of negative reproductive health, unwanted pregnancy, and sexual perception or even prone to sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis.

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Wilson A healthy woman breeds a healthy family, which Sexual Violence against Children and Adolescents words - 8 pages term is referred to as gender-based violence GBV which specifically encompasses the scope of sexual abuses in conflict and post-disasters against women and children. The results of the attack however minor are documented are presented to concerned authorities or persons as evidence by a survivor, family or community members. It provides the relationship between socio-cultural factors and the management of Sexual and Gender Based Violence. Lastly, Dutton further argues that it is the diagnosable psychopathology of batterers that leads some men to adopt patriarchal ideology after the fact of abuse to rationalize and justify their own behavior. On the other hand, the tertiary often supports advocacy, long-term legal and psychosocial requirements. Children are not invited but can be contacted for some information after the LCCs have concluded their investigations. Discrimination continues to exist in all forms, despite the efforts to eliminate it. This means the case of marital rape is not recognized. However, in adopting the Feminist Theory, the researcher is not ignorant of its shortcomings.

They immediately come across a masculine action figure and a more feminine doll. Silberschmidt asserts that, bride price payment has implications on gender relations, values, expectations and roles.

Gender based violence gbv data collection essay

Like other courts of judicature, the LCCs empathize the principles of natural justice fair hearing. The most common forms of bride price violence are battering, marital rape, acid pouring and other forms of violence. They basically address light civil matters that arise out of daily activities in their areas of jurisdiction and matters arising out of infringement of by-laws duly made under the Local Government Act CMR, In the context of humanitarian crisis and emergencies, civilian women and children are often the most vulnerable to exploitation, violence, and abuse because of their gender, age, and status in society ISIS WICCE, Clan heads, elders, religious leaders and family members play a big role in settling conflict in communities ACFODE, Often, for example women feel constraint speaking about sexual matters in the presence of their father-in-law. Literature on socio- cultural and management of SGBV was reviewed. As more and more children are brought into the world, parents are given the responsibility of making sure they mature and grow up correctly To attain the objectives of the three attempts, a comprehensive approach that is fit to alter the social norms and gender inequality is necessary. In addition, the above findings can be used as a basis for further research and investigation by other researchers because the study gives a detailed insight on the understanding of Socio- Cultural Factors which affect the Management of Sexual and Gender Based Violence in rural communities. For instance, in a case of domestic violence, injuries that are fatal or nearly fatal may occur. Leslie asserts that women and girls are dying and are being abused without perpetuators abusers being brought to book. There has been an increased demand for business intelligence expansion, and BI vendors are continually trying to satiate these demands

The secondary prevention tries to reduce the occurrence of further violence by supporting the survivors to fight GBV. Apac District is located in Northern Uganda, approximately km direct from Kampala.

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This article seeks to define the family violence and law policies response to child—parent violence. Many women eloped as a result of domestic violence and many were isolated and neglected. This means the case of marital rape is not recognized. Rural Community: According to Uganda Bureau of Standardsa rural community is a population of people living in rural areas.

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Yet millions of women around the world are consistently exposed to unjust inequality and discrimination. In this regard, the legal and social bodies should actively establish the protective gears that will fight and support gender sensitivity and rights. Socio-cultural factors bride price practices, cultural norms were perceived as independent variables while the Management of Sexual and Gender Based Violence Protection of survivors of violence, reporting of cases and Apprehension of offenders was perceived as dependent Variables, the Composition of LC Courts is perceived as an Intervening Variable IV. This results are useful to policy makers, Local Governments and non-state actors in designing policies geared towards enhancing the Management of Sexual and Gender Based Violence in rural communities of Uganda and Apac District in particular. The study therefore aimed at assessing the effect of socio-cultural factors on the management of sexual and gender based violence against women. The most common forms of bride price violence are battering, marital rape, acid pouring and other forms of violence. This seems to confirm with a study by FAO, in Apac district which affirms that some women in rural areas are also forced to exchange sex for material goods, which in turn can be the cause of other forms of violence and abuse against them. Children boys and girls and women are particularly vulnerable to violence, especially sexual abuse. It was hypothesized that the socio-cultural factors presented as bride price practices and Cultural norms had an effect on the Management of Gender Based Violence operationalized as apprehensions of perpetrators of acts of sexual and Gender based, protection of survivors and reporting of cases.

Perpetrators may also use methods of starvation, deprivation of clothing, evictions, and false imprisonment as a method of extortion Praveen, This was too overwhelming but the events that followed were more than outrageous particularly to women and children

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