An introduction to the life of albert bierstadt

Once unvalued and not seen for what they are, the works of Albert Bierstadt now hold a special place in the history of America. He was not an instant success but did gain a reputation as the artistic spokesman of the American West.

At the base of Giant Grizzly, one of the trees in the Mariposa grove, stands the Yosemite pioneer Galen Clark whom he met there. He went back to the rather devoid of population western part of the country in accompanied by Fitz Hugh Ludlow who was a writer. People became more interested in preserving the national lands of the USA, and his paintings began to be shown again.

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He also spent considerable time at the Glen House in while at work on Emerald Pool, which he considered his finest work. Literary rights as possessed by the donor have been dedicated to public use for research, study, and scholarship.

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Lander's assignment was to remap the Overland Trail. He and Church were exhibited opposite one another along with six hundred other works at the Sanitary Fair, New York, with Bierstadt adding a number of Native American artifacts to his exhibit. Winslow Associates in He was a prolific artist, having completed over possibly as many as paintings during his lifetime, most of which have survived.

They married in Waterford, New York.

An introduction to the life of albert bierstadt

Oil on board, 14 x 20 inches , Thunderstorm in the Rocky Mountains Oil on Canvas, 19 x 29 inches , and Indian Encampment, Shoshone Village Oil on canvas mounted on board, 24 x 19 inches. The inference was that the West was a harsh and demanding place from which the artist might never return. Tragically, a huge collection of his paintings, both finished and unfinished and gifts from US Army officials from his tours of the West were burned in an accidental fire at his studio. From flametree-studios Nonetheless, his paintings remain popular. His paintings brought record prices and in his lifetime, Bierstadt enjoyed tremendous success and recognition. Once unvalued and not seen for what they are, the works of Albert Bierstadt now hold a special place in the history of America. The majority of the letters were penned in the last two decades of his life and discuss his painting, the inspiration he found in nature, his studio, and concerns relating to commissions and finances. Arrangement Due to the small size of this collection, items are arranged as one chronological series.

He exhibited at the Boston Athenaeum from toat the Brooklyn Art Association from toand at the Boston Art Club from to In his writings, Bierstadt expressed how enthralled he was by the American West and commented on the cloud formations, the play of light and shadow and golden sunsets so unlike the scenes he witnessed in Europe.

The painting received a positive review when it was exhibited at the Brooklyn Art Association at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in December

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Albert Bierstadt